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8/2 Friday 6:30pm- Faerie Garden Workshop with Plantie Mems

8/2 Friday 6:30pm- Faerie Garden Workshop with Plantie Mems

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Plant A Faerie Garden

Welcome whimsy and growth into your life and home with your very own faerie garden planter! Hosted by resident plant witch, Emily of Plantie Mems, enjoy light snacks and drinks while creating a 6.5-inch mini garden. Come dressed in your fae best (large wings may not fit at the table but themed attire is always encouraged!) or simply come as you are. 

Faeries are mythical beings that are often depicted as small, magical, playful beings that possess human-like or ethereal appearances. They are a common feature in the folklore and fairy tales of many cultures and are often associated with nature and have a tendency to interfere with humans. 

In the mid-1900s, a British nursery owner named Anne Ashberry created the first "fairy garden". Ms. Ashberry's motivation was to create small gardens that could easily be cared for in tight spaces or by individuals who were unable to tend to a larger outdoor garden. Anne became well known for her landscaped window boxes and tiny planters full of carefully selected decorations and plants. 
During this 90-minute experience, you'll plant 3 included plants (each attendee will receive a random variety - no guarantee that any of the plants will be pet safe!) in curated soil, enhance your garden with a variety of mosses, decorate with faerie-approved furnishings and landscaping, and finish off the experience with two included crystals (chose between a variety of tumbles). Feel free to purchase additional crystals in the shop to add to your garden! Each participant will ring a bell upon completion of their garden to welcome faeries from all over. 

About the Instructor: Growing up in the Blue Mountain area of Central PA, Emily has long been connected to nature and faerie folklore. She's been an avid plant collector and enthusiast for many years, mastering the craft of importing and acclimating tropical plants from all over the world. Emily began Plantie Mems in May of 2023, founded out of her love to share the joy and purpose of tending to plants. Plantie Mems offers a variety of potted plants, plant accessories, and the infamous Marimo Moss Ball Friends - each with their own individual personalities! 

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Magick from real Witches!

Here at Thirteen Circles we pride ourselves on authenticity and our unique yet powerful energy. Many of our products are handmade and curated by our founders and resident witch - Lily. Come in and ask any questions you have and let us guide you in your path - be it spiritual or simply just crystals. We are here to make your world more magickal!