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Thirteen Circles

Make Your Own Ceremonial Drum Workshop : Saturday 4/20/2024 2pm-4pm

Make Your Own Ceremonial Drum Workshop : Saturday 4/20/2024 2pm-4pm

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Date and time:  4/20 2-4pm

Location: Thirteen Circles, 320 Fayette Street Conshohocken PA


All materials will be provided, simply bring yourself and wear clothes you can craft in. The hides do get soaked in water so be sure to wear clothing you are comfortable with getting slightly wet. 

Recommended Age 16+

About this Event:

Step into the rhythmic spiritual world with our Make Your Own Ceremonial Rawhide Drum class hosted by Thirteen Circles Lily & Joe. In this enriching experience, participants delve into the artistry and tradition of crafting a sacred instrument while honoring ancient customs.

Guided by your instructors, participants will embark on a journey of discovery, connecting with the raw materials and techniques used for generations. The class begins with an introduction to the cultural significance of drums in various indigenous communities, emphasizing their role in ceremonies, healing practices, and storytelling.

Participants are then introduced to the rawhide, traditionally sourced and prepared with care, as they learn about its symbolism and importance in drum making. You will engage in hands-on activities, including stretching and lacing the rawhide over the drum frame, ensuring proper tension for optimal sound resonance.

Throughout the workshop, emphasis is placed on mindfulness and intentionality, as each step of the process holds spiritual significance. Participants are encouraged to infuse their drum with personal intentions, creating a unique bond between craftsman and instrument.

As the class progresses, participants witness their creations take shape, each drum bearing its own character and energy. Through collaborative learning and shared experiences, we will a sense of community within the circle.

By the end of the workshop, participants emerge not only with a beautifully crafted rawhide drum but also with a deeper understanding and appreciation for spiritual culture and craftsmanship. Whether used for personal meditation, ceremonial purposes, or simply as a stunning piece of art, each drum carries the spirit of its maker and the traditions from which it was born.

Our drum kits and materials are mindfully made and sourced within the US.


Please note we are unable to offer cancellation refunds for this class. 

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