Collection: Schedule a Reading!

Readings can be scheduled online, in-person, or over the phone. Check below on individual listings for availability.

Lily is the founder of our shop and our in house palm and tarot reader

We can occasionally accept walk in readings but it is best to call or text the shop to check wait time and availability.

Online TAROT readings done via FaceTime /Phone can take place after business hours and outside of the listed availability on the item pages, email us to book a virtual appointment. 

Readings are also available for private parties and special events! Email for more info

IF you are using a gift card to pay please bring it into the shop or call us to book! 

Credit card, Paypal, Venmo, and cash payment methods are accepted

Readings can be done for people under 18 years of age BUT a parent or guardian will need to be present at the time of booking and sign a waiver.

We do NOT preform spells or rituals for hire.