About Lily

Lily is the founder and creatrix of Witch's Way Craft and Thirteen Circles. She has always been a spiritual being connected with animals, humans, nature, and the energy around her. She began professionally palm reading at the age of 13 at a local haunt during the *spookier* months of the year. Later in her life she was able to come out of the broom closet and proudly identify as a Witch. She started Witch's Way Craft to share her love for candle magick and show the world witches are very functioning and intelligent members of society, they are not evil, make believe, or to be made fun off. Witches are very real and deserve the same respect as everyone else! She wanted to show others the way of the witch and our craft to help normalize it and rid the stigma against those who identify as Witch or Pagan. 

Lily identifies as a witch, an empath, and a perceiver of energetic universal messages. She does not like to use the terms *psychic* or *medium* instead she considers herself to be a sensitive. From a young age she was able to pick up on others energy and energy from the universe around her. It took many years to harness the ability to differentiate her energy from what she was receiving and channel these energies into clear messages, but has been able to become a master of it and coach others to do this for themselves. She and her partner Joe hand-make every single candle and curate every crystal, vintage piece, and magical item our store. She very much enjoys being the witch mother in the community and also hosts full moon meetings, group rituals, and is back to offering readings when she has the time and energy! 

Readings with Lily are meant to serve as guidance and help you navigate yourself internally and though external situations. You do not have to be a witch to get a reading. You can come with specific questions or ask Lily what the universe has to say to you. She will tell you! These are meant to be a positive experience where you gain insight into yourself, your life path, your past, present, and future and how those around you feel/perceive you. Readings are especially great for when you're feeling stuck, needing guidance, or unable to make confident decisions. They are beautiful experiences that can be very emotional but also so freeing.

Tarot readings can be done via phone, video chat, or in person. Tarot readings are typically done using a classic RW 78 card deck, but if you prefer she has many oracle decks and other artful ones to choose from. Palm readings MUST be done in person. Lily's palmistry knowledge comes from her intuition, self taught/experience, and ancient Chinese practices.


Lily is available for in-store readings at Thirteen Circles as well as virtual and phone readings

Private parties and special event bookings welcome! Reach out to readings@thirteencircles.com for more info on special event bookings!

Have more questions? Email us at readings@thirteencircles.com


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